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from D.H.

"During the winter indoor crop cycle, my garden was plagued with fungus gnats, and I'm not sure how they got out of control. (I used) Insect Frass, and this stuff really works as a natural pesticide. I applied a full-strength extract (not knowing anything about a "plant defense trigger") and the fungus gnats went nuts, flying all around the place, then were driven off or were killed by the next day.I'm a true believer in Insect Frass."
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from J.F.

"...I've got to tell you: This stuff really works! I applied a full-strength extract to new seedlings on two alternate days, and they're showing vigorous new growth. I've also noticed that plants seem more resistant to insects and other pests. It seems that Insect Frass helps boost the natural pest-fighting capabilities by triggering an "auto-immune" response. My plants are healthier and happier than ever - and no more fungus gnats."
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from RD- Arcata, CA

"half the recommended dosage (of frass)...My plants finished 17 days earlier than ever before, in the same ground I've been cultivating for the past 12 years! Last year I lost a significant amount of crops to botrytis and pm... This season I didn't lose any yield at all, ...Unbelievable! And I had zero pest issues. Absolutely no bugs of any kind. You have a great product, and I'm sure the organic movement will embrace it as I have."
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